Air Freight Services We Provide

Standard Air

Standard Air is the most commonly used air freight service. Your cargo may make stops at one or two other airports before arriving at the final destination. Generally, your cargo will switch aircrafts or be off-loaded and then on-loaded again. If you are not in a rush to have your inventory delivered right away, this is a more cost-effective solution.


Delivery times will depend on parcel destinations. For example, domestic delivery times and costs will vary from international shipping. However, you can be assured that our team will work with you to determine what is the quickest possible solution within your budget for standard air delivery.

Priority Air

When delivery is time-sensitive, we may suggest Priority Air as the ideal air freight service. With priority air, you will receive the shortest possible air transit routes for you, at the best prices available. Due to our trusted partnerships around the world, you gain access to the fastest routes for your cargo. The benefit of our priority service is that you are saving both time and money. You also receive peace of mind that your goods will arrive by a specified time. Upon completion of your order, we will provide you with the time of arrival.


Your cargo can be shipped out on the first flight out, with door-to-door delivery. Depending on the destination, your goods will typically arrive within 1-2 business days. With Priority Air, you could potentially be saving yourself 1 to 3 days in transit time, compared to Standard shipping services. That’s an important point to take into consideration when comparing the various options.

Economy Services

Our cost-effective economy services are perfect for when your cargo delivery is less time sensitive. This globally available service is the most economical solution. It is available for most general cargo, excluding oversized or dangerous goods.


Generally, your cargo can be shipped to most major worldwide destinations within 5-7 business days. Our connections in the global marketplace allow us to deliver to almost anywhere you need. If you wish, you also have the option to receive door-to-door delivery when taking advantage of our economy services.

Pickup and Delivery

Convenient freight pickup and delivery services allow you to worry less about transportation and focus more on your business. We will take over everything from arranging pickups and scheduling deliveries, to ensuring the proper equipment is available. We have a wide variety of options, whether you require a domestic or international delivery.


Your cargo will be picked up at the shipper’s premise and safely taken to the closest major airport. You can monitor everything throughout the entire transport process. Our experts will then deliver your goods quickly and efficiently to the final destination.

Project Shipping

Do you need heavy duty project shipping for large or high value equipment or machinery? We offer project shipping services by air when your cargo doesn’t fall within standard category dimensions. If your cargo is oversized, overweight or out of gauge, this may be the ideal solution for you.


Project shipping is a very challenging part of logistics due to the complexity of it. Detailed planning in advance is crucial to the shipping of your project in order to deliver in time and keep you within your budget. Fortunately, our team at Newl’s are experts in this field. We will source out the most affordable and timely solution possible. By effectively planning ahead of time, we help avoid extra taxes, duties and transportation fees in the process. We pride ourselves on honest and accurately priced quotes.


You will be recommended the appropriate option for your project, based on dimensional and weight restrictions. Our team will stay in contact with you throughout the entire shipment, ensuring proper execution and safe delivery of your freight. We also implement a backup plan, in case the initial transportation solution changes, we have the bases covered so we’re not left scrambling.

Aircraft Chartering

Is your cargo too large for regular aircraft? Our qualified experts are highly skilled in finding a workable solution. This is our highest priority air service available and it is available globally. This is the ideal option for shipping oversized, overweight or special freight, such as valuables or perishable items.


Our representatives are available around the clock when you need to schedule reliable aircraft chartering. We know each case is unique, which is why we will come up with a solution to your individual requirements.


Our aircraft chartering services will be tailored to meet your specific schedule. Let us know your preferred time of departure and arrival – and we will brief you on the best option. Experience our top-notch customer service as we monitor your cargo throughout the entire process. We will make sure your freight gets where it needs to go – whenever you need it. Newl’s has a proven track record of delivering peace of mind and taking the stress out of all of your charter needs.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

Take advantage of this fast and reliable delivery service. Next Flight Out (NFO) is the second fastest way to ship domestically, after aircraft chartering. This is a great solution when you need your goods to be delivered on the same day that they fly out. NFO is commonly used for on-demand shipping or for the customers who place orders daily.


We will pull all of the strings needed in order to get your freight to its destination as quickly as possible. At the time your order is placed, you will be informed of the expected time your cargo will land. We provide expedited door-to-door delivery for all Next Flight Out shipments to get the cargo to its final destination.

24-Hour Status Monitoring & Reports

Our 24-hour status monitoring allows you to view your inventory all the way from source to destination. We use a Cloud-based track and trace platform, which allows you to view it in real time. Easily find out the status of your freight at any time of the day. You can also view everywhere your product has previously been. Not only that, but we provide our customers with regular reports to ensure the delivery is running according to plan at all times.

Strict Homeland Security Compliance

Securing the global supply chain is critical for Homeland Security. Not only does the North American economy rely on the goods being transported, but other countries do as well. That’s why it’s crucial to adhere to their strict standards.


At Newl’s, we strictly comply to their policies to make sure your inventory is delivered without any problems at security. This is just another step that helps to ensure your freight arrives safely and on time.

Customs Brokerage Services

Getting your product cleared can be a huge hassle at times. Let us take the job off your hands with our customs brokerage services. Our skilled agents will help you receive customs clearance for all shipments moved via air. They are highly trained to make clearances easy for you. Taking advantage of this is the best way to streamline your shipment through processing.


One of our brokers will prepare all of your customs documents, secure import/export permits if needed, as well as make sure you meet all other air requirements. You also receive track and trace capabilities for all freight moved by air. We know how important it is to track where your inventory is in the transit process. Our agents will provide live updates, which you can access at any time. You will always know what point your cargo is at, at all times while it’s in the air.