Air Service

Hard pressed for time? NEWL’S AIR Service to the rescue…. It’s the fastest and most optimal way to ship your cargo wherever it’s most urgently needed.

The fact is that there are 426 primary airports and 105 airline carriers in North America, and 9,495 airports and 284 airlines across the world. For easier navigation through the air cargo industry, choose NEWL’S. And let our skilful route managers take care of the details and your important freight while you focus on the forecasting and planning of your next urgent shipment.

This is how NEWL’S Air Service brings synergy to your logistics process and increases your productivity. 25 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guaranteed!

  • Standard Air
  • Priority Air
  • Economy Services
  • Pick and delivery
  • Project Shipping
  • Aircraft Chartering
  • 24hr. Status Monitoring & Reports
  • Strict Homeland Security Compliance
  • Customs Brokerage Service

NEWL’S Air Service delivers your shipments anywhere in the world efficiently, cost-effectively, and with ease…..