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Warehouse Management

“Yes, We Can!”

With state-of-the-art facilities, Newl’s is fully prepared to handle all of your warehouse management, cross-dock and distribution needs.

Accommodating both short-term to long-term storage, we have the secure warehouse space that you have been searching for. Our passion is helping you increase customer satisfaction and expand your business.

We stand by our “Yes, we can!” philosophy – guaranteeing to find a suitable solution for you.

Cross-Dock Services

Are you in need of cross-docking services to reduce the need for long-term storage of product? Our warehouses have the ability to eliminate storage of goods completely. We can deliver your products directly from the manufacturer or supplier with little or no handling in between. This means reduced warehouse costs – saving you both time and money.

Our cross-dock services will provide your business with a quicker turnaround, giving you a considerable advantage over your competition. Due to the reduction in the handling process, your products will reach their destination faster than ever.

Cross-docking is well-suited for customers whose supply is high in demand, such as retail or E-Commerce businesses. Other products that are ideal for cross-dock services are perishable items or products that are already ticketed to sell

Another huge benefit of utilizing our cross-dock service is the fact that you will spend less time managing your inventory. This helps alleviate extra stress and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

We Provide the Following Warehouse Management :

Long-Term or Short-Term Storage

Do you need storage for your inventory at the most competitive rates on the market? Newl’s can help you. Read More

Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System

At Newl’s, one of our primary goals is providing you with the technology to optimize your supply chain. Read More

De-Consolidation of Shipments

Are you a retailer that would benefit from increased speed to market? Our de-consolidation services allow you. Read More

Fully Secured Premise with Live CCTV Monitoring

Companies and retailers alike agree that security is of the utmost importance when it comes to inventory. Read More

Supply Chain Management Solution Provider

All goods need to move from their raw state into the final products we all buy off the store shelves. Read More

Inventory Management

Our inventory management services can assist your business in a variety of important tasks in relation to your inventory. Read More

Pick and Pack

Once an order is placed with an online store, ‘pick and pack’ is the process that will occur next. Pick and pack services. Read More

Container De-Stuffing

Container de-stuffing is a crucial part in the ebb and flow of a successful supply chain. When inbound products arrive. Read More

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