We Provide the Following Warehouse Management

Long-Term or Short-Term Storage

Do you need storage for your inventory at the most competitive rates on the market? Newl’s can help you! Whether you need short or long-term storage, we have a solution for you. With comprehensive warehousing options available, we work with organizations of every size.


From storage as little as a few days to long-term ongoing warehouse management, we have the facilities to accommodate your needs. To find out about some of our options, speak with our highly qualified team today.

Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System

At Newl’s, one of our primary goals is providing you with the technology to optimize your supply chain.


Which is why we use a Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System (WMS) to give you an edge over your competition. Our state-of-the-art software allows you to view your inventory in real time – anytime. In this fast-paced business economy, it’s crucial to view and access your operations data whenever you need it. This is critical when it comes to fulfilling orders, keeping customers happy and expanding your business.


We utilize a comprehensive Cloud-based warehouse management system that can be integrated with multiple E-commerce websites and platforms including, but not limited to: Amazon, eBay+, Walmart, and more.


Our customers are able to view their inventory in real-time at any time, from any device: Data can be conveniently accessed on the go – using your smartphone, tablet or computer, from your office, couch or even the beach. Our main concern is ensuring your inventory is accessible at all times.


Having your inventory at your fingertips will not only give you peace of mind but it will also increase customer satisfaction. This is necessary for keeping up with the growing E-commerce market.

De-Consolidation of Shipments

Are you a retailer that would benefit from increased speed to market? Our de-consolidation services allow you to break down a single shipment into numerous orders. Sometimes, separating one big shipment into multiple orders makes for a more manageable process from warehouse to final destination.


How can your organization benefit from de-consolidation of shipments? Not only will you enjoy the ease of inventory management; you will also experience reduced facility costs. Transport your product based solely on demand; getting the product to the customer or onto the shelves much faster than other methods.


Our qualified team of experts make it convenient for you by off-loading, sorting, loading and sending your product to multiple destinations. Most retailers can benefit from efficiently moving their cargo faster from ship to store.

Fully Secured Premise with Live CCTV Monitoring

Companies and retailers alike agree that security is of the utmost importance when it comes to inventory. At Newl’s, preventing problems like damage or theft is our main priority. All of our warehouses are fully secured and monitored by live CCTV surveillance and alarm systems to give you the peace of mind that your contents are safe.


With our 24-hour live-monitored system, we help prevent damage, vandalism/theft before it can happen. Highly trained video surveillance workers monitor the warehouse at all times. Rest assured that your product will be monitored throughout every step of the operation. Taking this proactive approach is just one of the reasons that sets us apart at Newl.


Supply Chain Management Solution Provider

All goods need to move from their raw state into the final products we all buy off the store shelves. That’s where we come in – we are a supply chain management solution provider, streamlining your supply chain activity from A to Z. We manage everything from raw goods to the final product. Our team of Supply Chain Managers will design, plan, execute and monitor your entire supply chain for you.


Our experts have supply chain management (SCM) solutions for every organization. Investing in the right solution equates to savings in all areas of your business, in both the short and long-term. We will help you view and control your inventory and services across the organization. This is crucial in efficiently delivering products to the final user at a lower cost and increasing product flow to customers. Our solutions will have you delivering orders on time, every time.

Newl’s supply chain managers do exactly that – help you stand out from the rest of the competition. We’ll have you maximizing customer satisfaction, so they keep coming back for that positive experience they’re used to.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management services can assist your business in a variety of important tasks in relation to your inventory. We can help you track sales, quantity, profit margins, and average mark-up of your products. Our inventory management system will assist you in purchasing new products and materials – including how much and from whom.


We will help you track your inventory as its moved across the entire supply chain: From warehouse to final destination and everything in between. Additionally, our systems will notify you when the retailer requires more stock from the manufacturer, taking the guess-work out of your supply chain needs and making your life easier.


Could your business benefit from our convenient inventory tracking and fulfillment services? Our team of professionals can answer all of your questions in regard to inventory management.

Pick and Pack

Once an order is placed with an online store, ‘pick and pack’ is the process that will occur next. Pick and pack services are most often used by smaller retailers who do not need to ship entire pallets or cases of goods all at once. This is ideal for retailers who need to order individual items, rather than product in bulk.


These retailers rely on our warehouse workers to pick the individual items off the warehouse shelf and then pack them in boxes or envelopes. These packages then get addressed and shipped directly to the final customers who purchased them. Our pick and pack professionals ensure that your products are picked accurately, handled carefully, labeled clearly and shipped on time.


This streamlined process eliminates the need of picking orders from different facilities and sending them elsewhere for packaging. Utilizing our pick and pack services ultimately gives you more time for your business and saves you money.


Newl’s strategies make sure your product movement is as efficient as possible. Our pick and pack services make fulfilling orders easy – exactly how it should be.

Container De-Stuffing

Container de-stuffing is a crucial part in the ebb and flow of a successful supply chain. When inbound products arrive, they aren’t usually organized or palletized. Our experienced workers will efficiently de-stuff and sort your order in our fully secured and monitored facilities.


Our trusted workers diligently inspect each and every package for damage. They are knowledgeable and highly trained, which is why our customers rely on us for consistency and efficiency in every order. Your inventory will then be properly stored in the warehouse and awaiting pick and pack order fulfillment.


Our Cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) keeps you in the loop 24/7. It allows you to track your inventory electronically throughout the entire process. Whether your product is being unloaded from the container or stored in our warehouse, you have the ability to view your product online at any time.


If required, our team can also help you with labeling and reloading the product onto palettes. This makes it faster and easier for your product to continue along the supply chain. By doing so, your labor costs will be reduced and you will be saving valuable time as well.


Whatever your needs are, we stand by our policy for accuracy and efficiency on all orders.