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07 Feb, 2023

5 Tips to Help Shippers Prepare for Contract Season

Towards the end of 2022, the freight market went a little topsy-turvy. Spot rates dropped below contract rates, leaving a lot of shippers wondering how to effectively manage their freight contracts this year. Here are our top tips to help your company negotiate for the best outcomes this contract season. These tips can shippers using

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27 Dec, 2022

What’s to Come for Logistics in 2023?

The past few years have been a crazy ride in the freight industry, from the great Covid pandemic freeze as countries locked down to soaring consumer demand (and freight volumes) when things opened back. As we go into 2023, the slower market will give companies, both those that utilize logistics services and those that provide

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19 Dec, 2022

Shipping Rates Across the Industry are Sliding. What Does it Mean?

We’re seeing it across the shipping industry. Shipping rates in the ground, ocean, and air shipping segments have dropped significantly over the past several months after nearly two years of soaring shipping costs. What does it mean? What Do Falling Shipping Rates Signal for the Freight Industry? The freight industry, almost more than any other

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06 Dec, 2022

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Logistics

The logistics that come along with running a business can be complicated and expensive. This is especially true for mid-sized companies with significant logistics needs, but that aren’t big enough to hire an entire team of logistics specialists. Outsourcing logistics services is a practical way for companies to stop pouring resources into logistics so they

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problem solving

21 Nov, 2022

Top 3 Logistics Challenges Companies Will Face This Holiday Season

Plus, how to solve them. Ah, the holiday season. The sights, the smells, the supply chain headaches. Wait, what? As retail sales reach their peak during the holiday season, the supply chain tends to become overburdened. This creates logistics challenges for companies in what should be their most profitable quarter. What logistics challenges are companies

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16 Nov, 2022

Ocean Freight Rates Continue to Drop. What Does it Mean?

Ocean freight rates have experienced huge drops over the past couple of months. In September, container rates on ocean liners from China to the US West Coast had dropped 72% from January’s rates, and those kinds of exponential ocean freight rate drops are being seen across most shipping lanes around the globe. What’s happening that

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Ocean Freight Services and Port Congestion

21 Oct, 2022

Supply Chain Bottlenecks are Costing Companies and Consumers Big

Supply chain woes have been a common theme throughout the global Covid-19 pandemic, and many supply chain experts have predicted that, at some point, the combined weight of these issues would cause transportation and logistics operations to hit a wall. Backlogs are having a major impact on supply chains in Toronto and beyond, causing delays

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19 Aug, 2021

The Importance of Finding a Strong 3PL E-Commerce Fulfillment Partner

For e-commerce stores, a lot rides on the order fulfillment process, and when you’ve outgrown the basement or garage, the right fulfillment warehousing partner can help you scale your business and improve customer relations through superior service. Will any ol’ warehouse with space available do the trick? Not if you’re looking for a 3PL partner

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05 Aug, 2021

Impact of Ocean Freight Rates on Businesses

With ocean freight rates surging since last year, many businesses are feeling the crunch of increased shipping costs, particularly when it comes to ocean freight coming into the West from China. Businesses like e-commerce sellers who rely more heavily on imports from China are feeling it even more than others. What’s causing this and what

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